(Woody Guthrie)

I got that dust new-mon-ee, new-mon-ee in my lungs
(Repeat above)
And I'm gonna sing that dust new-mon-ee song
I went to the doctor and the doctor said, "My son"
"You got that dust new-mon-ee, an' you aint got long, not long"
Now there ought to be some yodelin' in this song
But I can't yodel for the rattlin' in my lungs

My good gal sings the dust new-mon-ee blues
She loves me 'cause she has the dust new-mon-ee too
If it weren't for choppin my hole would turn to rust
I can't find a woman in this black ol' Texas dust

Down in Oklahoma, the wind blows mighty strong
If you want to get a momma, just sing a California song

Down in Texas, my gal fainted in the rain
I throwed a bucket of dirt in her face, just to bring her back again

Dust Bowl Ballads" from Rounder Records.
The song is attributed to Woodie Guthrie, and the CD is copyrighted 1988 to BMG,

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