(Tony Hazzard)

G D7
She walks through the corn
Am C
Leading down by the river
Am D7 C G
Her hair shone like gold in the hot morning sun
G D7 Am C
She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
Am D C G
And left me to die like a fox on the run.

C G D7 G
Everybody knows the reason for the fall
C G A D7
How woman tempted man down in paradise hall
This woman tempted me and took me for a ride
Now like a weary fox, I need a place to hide.

We'll drink a glass of wine to fortify our souls
Talk about the world and the friends we used to know
I've seen a string of girls that put me on the floor
My race is almost run, the hounds are at my door.

Cpyright Tony Hazzard
@country @animal
filename[ FOXRUN
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