(Si Kahn)

The President stepped off the silver screen,
He said, "People, put your lives here in my hand."
We can turn our country's honor white again,
Let the sulfer smoke of progress fill our land."

'Cause we've got government on horseback again,
Back to the day when congressmen were men,
We can make it on our own, running on testosterone,
It's government or horseback again.

"Help me give our land a golden goose;
Turn our native corporations loose.
High-voltage lines will go the extra mile --
Now it's power to the people nuclear style"

Blow out the lamp beside the golden door,
We don't need cheap foreign labor anymore,
Without the unions and the ERA
We will have twice the jobs at half the pay.

Back again, back again,
Yes, we've got government on horseback again,
It's back to home for the mommies,
Bomb the hell out of the Commies,
It's government on horseback again.

Copyright Joe Hill Music
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