(Woody Guthrie)

My sweetheart and my parents
I left in my old home town.
I'm out to do the best I can
As I go ramblin' 'round.

The peach trees they are loaded,
The limbs are bending down.
I pick 'em all day for a dollar, boys
As I go ramblin' 'round.

Sometimes the fruit gets rotten,
Falls down on the ground.
There's a hungry mouth for every peach
As I go ramblin' 'round.

I wish that I could marry;
I wish I could settle down.
But I can't save a penny, boys
As I go ramblin' 'round.

My mother prayed that I would be
A man of some renown;
But I am just a refugee
As I go ramblin' 'round.

Copyright Woody Guthrie
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