(John Prine)

Here's a story of a man and his family
and a big trip that they took
I heard all about it in a restaurant
and I read it in a history book.
They rented a car at the Erie Canal
bu the car didn't have no brake
Said Ma to Pa "My God this car is gonna fall
in the bottomless lake " (2x)

Ma turned to Daddy with a pale face, said
"I've done something terribly wrong
The water's still runnin' in the bathtub
And I think I left the kitchen light on."
Then I heard a crash, the car went splash
And the compas rolled around.
"Oh for heavens sake we fell in the lake
And I think we're all gonna drown (2X)

CHO: We are falling down, down
to the bottom of a hole in the ground
Smoke 'em if you got 'em I'm so scared I can hardly breathe
I may never see my sweetheart again

There was plent of food in the back seat
And the windows were rolled up tight
So w all nibbled on a chicken leg
And told stories way thru the night
Pa told one that he told before
And the baby got a bellyache
Said Ma to Pa, "My God, this car is gonna fall ...

Papa played the music on the radio
Mama rocked the baby to sleep
He said he would've taken the other road
But he didn't think the lake was that deep
If the ferry'd been there at the end of the pier
We'd be half way to uncle Jake's
Instead of lookin' at fish out the windows
I wish we'd hit the bottom of ...

So if you're ever goin' on a big trip
Ya better be careful out there
start everything out on your good foot
And wear clean underwear
Take along a Bible in the back seat
Read of David and of Solomon
For if you make a mistake in the bottomless lake
You may never see your sweetheart again.

Copyright John Prine
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