from Gavin Grieg

I once loved a fair maid both handsome and gay
I hated all people who against her did say
But now she's rewarded me ill for my pains
For she's gone to be wed to another

When I saw my bonnie love unto the church go
Wi bridegroom and maidens they made a fine show
But I followed after wi a heart full of woe
To see how my bonnie love was guarded

When I saw my bonnie love at the church stile
I trampt on her goon tails but I did not them fyle
She turned her around and she gave a sweet smile
Says, You're troubling yourself over nothing

When I saw my bonnie love into the church stand
Wi the ring on her finger and the glove in her hand
I wished him that got her both houses and land
Tho it wasna my fortune to get her

The clerk of the parish, he gave a loud cry
If there's any objections, I pray bring them neigh
Think's I to myself, good objections have I
But I had not the will to affront her

When the marriage was over and we all took a seat
I sat down among them, but in small mood to eat
My heart for a moment gaed I beat for beat
That it wasna my fortune to get her

When the marriage was over and also the dine
I took up the bottle and served up the wine
And I drank to the bonnie lass that should have been mine
Tho it wasna my fortune to get her

When the supper was over and all bound for bed
I raxed owre the table and I kissed the bride
Wishing I'd been the young man to lie by her side
Tho it wasna my fortune to get her

But spoke the bridegroom, begone for a coward
You have ridden too long on the point of your sword
You have ridden too long in an unknown ford
So Begone, for you ne'er can enjoy her

O hold your tongue, bridegroom, I'll tell you a guise
She's but my auld sheen, when you've gotten her

Ye but wear my auld sheen, ye but wear my auld sheen
And ye may dance in them till you dance them deen
And when they are deen ye can sole them again
For she's but my auld sheen when you've gotten her

But since she's gone, even so let her go
I'll never give over to sorrow or woe
But I'll cheer up my heart and aroving I'll go
No fear, but I'll soon find another

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