(Stan Rogers)

Come all ye lads, draw near to me
That I be not forsaken
This day was lost the JEANNIE C.
And my living has been taken
I'll go to sea no more

We set out this day in the bright sunlight
The same as any other
My son and I and old John Price
In the boat named for my mother

Now, it's well you know how the fishing has been
It's been scarce and hard and cruel
But this day, by God, we sure caught cod
And we sang and laughed like fools

I'll never know just what we struck
But strike we did like thunder
John Price gave a cry and pitched overside
Now it's forever he's gone under

A leak we've sprung, let there be no delay
If the JEANNIE C. we're saving
John Price is drowned and slipped away
I'll patch the hole while you're bailing

But no hole I found from bow to hold
No rock it was that got her
But what I saw made my heart stop cold
For every seam poured water

My God, I cried as she went down
That boat was like no other
My father built her when I was nine
And named her for my mother

And sure, I could have another built
In the boatshop down in Dover
But I would not love the keel they laid
Like the one the waves roll over

So come all ye lads, draw near to me
That I be not forsaken
This day was lost the JEANNIE C.
And my whole life has been taken

copyright Fogarty's Cove Music
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"For the fishermen of Little Dover, Nova Scotia." -- 1978
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