Two little children, a boy and a girl
Sat down by the old church door
The little girl's cheek was as brown as the curl
That fell on the dress that she wore

The little boy's coat was all ragged and torn
A tear shone in each little eye
Why don't you go home to your mama, they said
And this was the maiden's reply

Mama's in heaven, angels took her away
Left Jim and I all alone
And Papa got lost on the sea long ago
We have no mama nor home

We can't earn our bread, we're too little, she said
Jim's five and I'm only seven
We've no one to love us since Papa's away
And darling Mama's in heaven

The sexton came early to ring the church bell
And found them beneath the snow white
The angels made room for two orphans to dwell
In heaven with their mama that night

From the singing of Jean Ritchie, if you'd believe it. JN
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