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Posted By: DebC
28-Aug-03 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: Origins: A Capital Ship (Charles Edward Carryl)
This is also a song that I had found in the Flanders Collection sung by Lena Bourne Fish. Her lyrics were similiar to the composed piece by Carryl, but had some very interesting additions. There is still one wee bit that the Flanders text did not have and I haven't had a chance to listen to the recording to sort it out.

Walloping Window Blind


So blow you winds high ho
A roving I will go
I'll stay no more on England's shore
So let the music play
I'm off on the morning train
I'll cross the raging main
For I'm off to my love with the boxing gloves
Ten thousand miles away

A new ship was anchored in the bay
While the captain and mates did dine
And smiled through the cog as they drank their grog
But one thing disturbed their mind
At the mariners' inn while they both sat in
and they thought it quite unkind
For amid their cheers they would often hear
A walloping window blind

Said the captain to the mate it must be fate
For our ship is un-named you know
and the walloping blind disturbs my mind
For the raging winds doth blow
To hell with fate said the sturdy mate
Such trifles we will not mind
For the waves we'll skip and we'll name our ship
The Walloping Window Blind

Now a capitol ship for an ocean trip
Was the Walloping Window Blind
No winds that blew disturbed her crew
Or troubled the captain's mind
The man at the wheel was said to feel
Contempt for the wind that blow.
Tho it often appeared when the weather had cleared
That he'd been in his bunk below.

The bosun and the mate was very sedate,
Yet fond of amusement too;
So they played hopscotch with the starboard watch
While the captain tickled the crew.
And the gunner we had was apparently mad
For hed sit on the after-rail,
And fire salutes with the captains boots
In the teeth of a blowing gale.

The captain sat in a commodore's hat
And dined in a royal way
On roasted pigs and pickles and figs
And gunnery bread each day.
But our cook was dutch and behaved as such
For the diet he gave the crew
Was a number of tons of hot cross buns
Served up with sugar and glue

We laughed and cheered, no storm we feared
With our capitol ship so fine
__________, we laughed at fate
No fear disturbed our mind
When the waves would roll, we'd drink from our bowl
For we knew without fail we could weather the gale
With the walloping window blind