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09-Oct-03 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: What A Friend We Have In Johnny
Subject: Lyr Add: What A Friend We Have In Johnny
What A Friend We Have In Johnny.
                (Part I)
(© Robin Hayes 2003)(All Rights Reserved)

What a friend we have in Johnny,
Now the drought has made the land so bare,
Flooding monsoon rains, and raging bushfires,
He will comfort us by "being there".

Your Council rates increase, and are forcibly collected,
And you're made redundant by your boss:
Remember by whom Johnny was elected,
Do I suspect the double cross?

Johnny will never be redundant,
Unlike maybe you or me.
Melba toast and caviar; his pension,
Certainly - unlike you and me.

Unfair taxes and welfare freezes,
Worry not; we'll all just keep calm.
Our grandparents, they ate bread and dripping:
'Gainst the breezes, Salvo blankets kept them warm.

When your tummy starts to rumble,
And your bum begins to freeze;
Remember, Johnny loves the poor and humble,
He will keep them on their knees.

Shut yer gob, He'll do just what you're dreadin',
Disagree? Nowadays, He calls that treason:
See how the corporate frauds are spreadin',
So He calls "The Yellow Peril" - "Terrorism" this season.

We are long term unemployed mature age workers,
Retraining costs too much to waste on us.
Kirribilli neeeds new cups and saucers,
I'll loan him my cracked ones, what's the fuss?

We are trying hard to live on meager pensions,
We trust in Johnny's "Amazing Grace".
Bob "The Worker's Friend", now he was honest,
Called us "Silly Old Bugger"s to our face.

Beguile us with a smile so bonny,
Say "I'm only doin' me job".
Perhaps you're you're out of touch, Dear Johnny,
When the silent majority becomes the mob.

Words and Original Tune © Robin Hayes 2003 - All Rights Reserved
#Satire #Politics #Australia