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Thread Name: Lyr Add: What A Friend We Have In Johnny
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: What A Friend We Have In Johnny
What A Friend We Have In Johnny.
                (Part II)
(© Robin Hayes 2003)(All Rights Reserved)

We can tell our Johnny is a Politician,
Fancy house and cars and such.
We can tell he is a Politician,
But we cannot tell him very much!

Johnny Boy, the Right, the Right is calling,
US First!, they cry they're in the Right.
Where never have I heard, logic more absurd,
But keep the oil rigs pumping day and night.

Seemed a harmless bugger when first we met him,
Speeches not the brightest, what's he want to hide?
Now drunk with power, leading us into the US bower,
Speeches plagarised both far and wide.

The World's Deputy Sheriff, don't need no Republic,
While He's got ol' Uncle Sam for His Queen.
When did we become, US State fifty-one?
That's the only way it can be seen.

Cast your faith upon the water,
The price of bread goes up and up.
Farmers get paid less and less each quarter,
The Salvos have run out of soup for my cup.

No child to live in poverty, a child I ain't,
Centerlink keeps us scared and stupid, still give Him all our votes.
We're told that poverty's mostly in the mind,
When we're scared blind, he's got us by the scrotes.

Politics bores us little people,
It's lost both its logic and its wit.
Arguments are now so entangled,
That we just can't tell it from sh, sh, sh-a-aving cream,
Be nice and clean,
Shave every day and you'll never look mean.

Dirty politicians, need any more be said?
Never vote the bastards out, know who runs the game?
Fingers in the tills; skulls must be of lead.
And yet we always trust them just the same!

All groups are divided in factions,
Each one thinks that only they are in the right.
They can not listen, only keep on talking,
Until it all dissolves in a fight.

Sweet polite persuasion brings little relief,
When you've enough, and fear you'll grow unhinged;
Yielders to Reason don't cause us so much grief,
Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy, go and get revenged!

No one ever questioned where we're going?
One Chipshop Lady wailed "Please Explain!",
He laughed her off, acted such a toff,
But really, He's just a pain!"

Remember the polls, usually November,
We little people have so little choice.
Our Navigator's blind, makes us a bumpy ride,
All little people, who's speaking with our voice?

Words and Original Tune © Robin Hayes 2003 - All Rights Reserved
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