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Thread Name: Lyr Add: Bucking Bronco / My Love Is a Rider
Subject: Lyr Add: MY LOVE IS A RIDER (Idaho version)
Guy Logsdon, in the Preface to "The Whorehouse bells Were Ringing," pp. xix-xx, reproduces the song collected by the Fifes from a student, who said she got it from a cowboy in Idaho in 1961. Only part is given in Fife and Fife, 1966.

Lyr. Add: My Love Is a Rider
"Idaho version"

My love is a rider, wild horses he'll break,
But he promised to give it up just for my sake.
With his foot in the stirrup, his saddle boots on
With a hop and a swing he is mounted and gone.

The first time I saw him 'twas early in Spring,
He was riding a bronco, a high-headed thing,
And he laughed and he waved as along he did go
And he wished me to look at his bucking bronco.

He made me some presents, among them a ring,
But the present I gave him was a far greater thing,
'Twas my young maidenhead, I'll have you all know,
He has won it by riding his bucking bronco.

Twas near the arroyo he first laid me down,
He was dressed for the roundup and I wore a gown,
Then he wiped off his chaps so the stain wouldn't show,
And he turned and rode off on his bucking bronco.

My love had a gun that was sturdy and long,
But he wore it to visit the lady gone wrong,
Though once it was strong and it shot straight and true,
Now it wobbles and buckles and it's red, white and blue.

Young maidens, take warning, where'er you reside,
Beware of a cowboy who swings his rawhide.
He'll love you, he'll lay you, then one day he'll go
In the Spring up the trail on his bucking bronco.