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31-Aug-99 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Flandyke Shore (Nic Jones)
Subject: RE: Help: Flandyke Shore
According to H.E.D. Hammond's notes in the Journal of the Folk Song Society (No 11- 1907 pp130-131), it was collected from Mrs Notley of Moreton in December 1906.
He writes - 'Mrs Notley had the song from a very old woman of Moreton, a famous local singer. The story of the song, she said, was that of a young man called to the wars in Flanders, went to pay a farewell visit to his love, whose father locked her in her chamber, thus frustrating the endevour. The title Flandyke Shore which Mrs Notley gave, is doubtless a corruption of 'Flanders Shore.'
To Hammond's note, Cecil Sharp has added:-
'I have a close variant of this ballad. The tune, which I noted down from an old lady in Somerton, is substantially the same as Mrs. Notley's, except that it is in 3/2 time throughout, and is in the Mixolydian mode. My version consists of four verses, the last two of which are more or less the same as the Dorset verses. The first two are as follows :-

As you say, the song as Nic sang it, is incomplete, so when the song appeared on the Albion Band's 'Acousticity' CD, it had a note by Ashley Hutchings: This is it: