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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
23-Feb-04 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Black and White ('The ink is black...)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Ink is Black (Black and White)
Joe, according to Sing Out (1959), the song was written c. 1955, as mentioned above. As to who did what:

[1969:] This simple plea for racial understanding written by Alan Roberts was set to music by Earl Robinson, composer of the celebrated Ballad for Americans. (Notes 'Spotlight On The Spinners')

Seems the Spinners got it only partly right ... Apologies to our guest for misleading him, as the first posting only got it partly right, too. Can anyone give a hint as to how Alan Roberts' name got into this? Who IS Alan Roberts, by the way? David Arkin's name I've heard before.