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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Mar-04 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Yes My Darling Daughter
Subject: ADD: Yo, Mayn Libe Tokhter
I still contend that this must be a Yiddish song originally, but I have been proved wrong on occasion. Some Yiddish songs are surprisingly recent translations of songs from all over. Zemerl now has the lyrics here (click).
-Joe Offer-

Yo, Mayn Libe Tokhter

-Mame, meg ikh gey shpatsirn?
-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Mame, meg ikh romantsirn?
-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Ober, zogt er mir, mame mayne,
er iz in mir a farkokhter...
Mame, vos zol zayn mayn entfer?
-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Mame, kh'lib a sheynem yingl!

-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Me vet mir gebm kleyn shulringl!
-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Er iz sheyn un oykh, zeyer a kluger, ikh balib mayn tayere shviger!
Mame, vos
zol zayn mayn entfer?
-Yo, mayn libe tokhter!

-Er zogt, az er iz farlibt in mir, un ikh hob im lib gor on a shir,
mamenyu, gib an entfer mir!...
-Mazl Tov dir, tayere tokhter!

-Mame, mamenyu mayne,
Fir tsu der khupe di tokhter dayne!


-Mazl Tov dir, tokhter!

song is also called "Yuh, Mein Libe Tokhter" ("Yes, My Darling Daughter"), issued on LP "At Home With The Barry Sisters"/1961

Source: Zemerl, Jewish song database