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Posted By: rich r
13-Sep-97 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: Naughty kids' greatest hits
Subject: RE: Naughty kids'greatest hits
A rather sizeable collection of these types of songs can be found in the book "Joe's Got A Head Like a Ping Pong Ball" by Marcia and Jon Pankake. It was originally published in 1988 under the title of "A Prairie Home Companion Folk Song Book". The idea for the book derived from a "Department of Folksong" segment that Garrison Keillor had for a couple years on his radio show. Listeners were encouraged to send in lyrics and tunes they remembered from childhood. Some of them were sung on the show by Garrison, Kate McKenzie, Greg Brown, Robin & Linda Williams and other guests. At one point they did an entire program of these songs. The book was reissued a couple years later with the new title. The tune for the title song is the Overture from William Tell (aka the Lone Ranger's theme). That is all of the words. The lines are filled in by adding various numbers of "ping" and "pong" to fit the notes.

rich r