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Posted By: Barry Finn
17-Jun-06 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Colorado Trail
Subject: Origins: Colorado Trail
Here's what I have from the CD note from Skip Gorman's Lonesome Prairie Love. Now I love this version & Skip says the last verse is his & the 1st 2nd (2nd now used as a chorus) were the original written (words & tune) by James A Bliss (in 1923 as the "Cowboy Song") which is how it appears in Sandburg's American Songbag whom he collected from Dr T.L. Chapman who in turn remember it from a broken wrangler he treated. Skip also states the tune was in a minor key. I've also seen it said that Lee Hays may have written 2 verses, I don't know if he did & if so if any of his verses are what I have here. There's a possibility that Debussy & Gershwin had something to do with it's popular tune. Anyone have anything to add, correct or comment on?

COLORADO TRAIL    (words & music by James A Bliss)

Eyes like a morning star
Cheeks like a rose;
Laura was a pretty girl
God almighty knows;

Weep all you falling rains,
Wail, winds, wail
All along, along along
The Colorado trail.

additional verses:

Ride, through the lonely night
Ride through the day,
Keep the herd a-movin' on
Movin' on its way.

Ride through stormy night
Dark is the sky,
Wish I'd stayed in Abilene
Were it's mighty and warm and dry.

Face like a prairie flower
Laughing all the day
Laura was pretty girl
Now she's gone away

My aching heart is broke full sore
Pinto never fail
Laura was a pretty girl
Cut down in the gale

Thanks to all