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Posted By: Joe Offer
21-Nov-06 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Chords/TAB in the Digital Tradition
Subject: Chords in the Digital Tradition
Here's a post from another thread:I think there's been discussion of this subject before, but I couldn't find it. There are chords for some songs in the DT, but not many. Dick Greenhaus prefers to collect the melodies for songs, and let guitarists work out their own guitar arrangements.

There are lots of chords in the threads, and some of the chords discussions turn into interesting explorations of various ways to present a song. I don't play guitar, so I dont have any desire to see chords in the DT. The one thing I'd like is to be able to see the complete song WITHOUT the chords, instead of posting the first verse with chords - the first verse and chorus with chords can be posted again at the beginning or end of the message. Song postings without chords are much easier to work with.

Another thing - if you're looking for chords for a song, please be sure that the lyrics have already been posted. If they haven't, please include them in your chords thread.

Anyhow, are there opinions on whether there should be chords or tab in the DT?

I'm against it. I think it's better to use Mudcat to supplement the DT with chords and discussion and background information.