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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Suenos/Sueno (Bill Staines)
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Thread Name: Help Staines Song with Chorus en Espanol

Subject: Lyr Add: SUEÑO (Bill Staines)

I dunno. This question poses a perennial moral quandry for music sites. I don't feel guilty about posting lyrics because I would suppose that anybody who would want to know the lyrics of this song has paid to hear Bill Staines sing it, either in person or on CD. Some of Bill's CD's have printed lyrics, and some don't. I have a recording of this song on the First Million Miles CD, which does not have lyrics. I copied the lyrics from the Music to Me songbook.
-Joe Offer-

(Bill Staines)

1. By my dying fire tonight, I see your face within the light
It smiles and fades like fleeting shadows on the ground.
And the river running near brings back the song I used to hear
When we were one and danced the streets of Spanish town.

Rio Grande, agua cantando
En la noche, oigo tu cancion
Mi guitarra canta contigo,
Una cancion de mi corazon

2. And so I hold you once again, it's just a dream I know but then,
Better a dream than never holding you to me.
Now in the fire's dying glow I feel your warmth and I remember
Oh so well, the way our loving used to be.


3. The ocotillo's flaming flower it grew as red as my heart's blood, the hour
You left me for the ways of San Antone.
and now beside the water's flow, my fire dies, the memories go
And once again the dream is gone and I'm alone.

CHORUS (Repeated)

Rio Grande, singing water,
In the night, I hear your song.
My guitar sings with you,
A song of my heart.

©1981, Mineral River Music (BMI)