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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Jun-07 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: error - DT Keywords
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
Hi, Dick - without quotes, the @ is invisible to the search engine. If the keyword is a common word, the results can be far more than you'd like. If it's an unusual word, there's no problem. Without quotes, @sailor comes up with many songs not in the @sailor category - at least, that the way I think it works.
No, on second thought BOTH of us are wrong. Even with quotes, the Mudcat SuperSearch doesn't read the @ sign, so everything with the word comes up. This is a problem is your keyword is something like "horse."

OK, so now that Dick and I have misinformed everybody, is there someone who can give us a correct answer on how to search for keywords, and only keywords?