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Posted By: Susan of DT
19-Jun-07 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: error - DT Keywords
Subject: RE: error - DT Keywords
OK. The trick is just not to use the "official" keyword search and just use the @ sign. I just tried three searches: @deadcat which would not come up as a word otherwise and got 10 or so songs. Then I tried @mining and got four screens full - the word does not appear in the songs that often.

Then I tried @civil in the DOS version, which would just get keywords and got 16 songs vs lots more in the mudcat search, including songs that use the word civil. (We have not been consistent about @civil @war vs. @civilwar) So, as Joe said, the mudcat search does not "see" the @ sign and picks up words as well as keywords.

Again, don't try the keyword search, just use the regular search if the keyword is not a common word. I don't think there is a way to get just the keywords when the search does not recognize the symbol that says "this is a keyword" This is on the wishlist we gave Max for improvements we would like to see in the search. Of course, if you use the DOS version, the search does a lot more.

The mudcat search also does not recognize the # sign which we use for Child and DT numbers. But that you can get around by searching for "Child #10" or "DT #551". You don't need the quotes, but you need the phrase.