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Posted By: HipflaskAndy
27-Jun-07 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: Morning Come, Maria's Gone - recordings
Subject: RE: Morning Come, Maria's Gone - recordings
Cheers CET - Duncan McF here - thanks for the 'nod'.
I appreciate the sad reflective versions myself!
My leccie band had to do their own thing with it
- so it's grand someone gives it its dues even when the louder uptempo thing isn't their particular 'bag'. Cheers!

As a matter of fact (and interest?)
- I learned the song from Marg Walters version
when I had the privilege of being her guitar player on her UK tour a few years back.
She learned it from a Peter Bellamy version if I remember right.
So it went from Keighley (Peter) near me, all the way to Oz, for me to learn it in Yorkshire off her. Grand!
...and she hated our rendition actually - bless her!
Mostly cause we broke it up with Sir John Cope for an instrumental break! Why? She said!

if you need a copy of her album (Power/Song) that has it on
PM me - I have copies of it she left with me to sell for her.

Hers is indeed a soulful versh - love it!

All the best - Duncan
PS - thanks Molly and BBPaul - good fans y' are - bless!