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Posted By: Joe Offer
25-Sep-07 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Side by Side (Harry Woods)^^^
Subject: ADDPOP: Side By Side
Gee, it's hard to believe that "Together, Wherever We Go" is by Sondeheim. Heck, I think of Sondheim as a contemporary, and yet that songs seems like it has been here forever. Am I getting really old or something?

My wife comes from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, from the Polish part of a predominantly French Canadian town. For the French Canadians, the expression is "side by each." Cranky Yankee (of Newport) send me a cartoon from Rhode Islander Don Bosquet, with two guys in seersucker suits and skimmers, singing,

So, anyhow, since that joke wouldn't go over with anyone who has no ties to Rhode Island, here are the definitive lyrics, from Reading Lyrics, by Gottlieb and Kimball:

Side By Side
(Harry Woods, 1927)

[Verse 1]
See that sun in the morning
Peeking over the hill?
I'll bet you're sure it always has
And sure it always will.
That's how I feel about someone,
How somebody feels about me.
We're sure we love each other
That's the way we'll always be.

Oh! we ain't got a barrel of money,
Maybe we're ragged and funny,
But we'll travel along, singin' a song,
Side by side.

Don't know what's comin' tomorrow,
Maybe it's trouble and sorrow,
But we'll travel the road, sharin' our load,
Side by Side.

Through all kinds of weather,
What if the sky should fall?
Just as long as we're together,
It doesn't matter at all.

When they've all had their quarrels and parted,
We'll be the same as we started,
Just travelin' along, singin' a song,
Side by Side.

[Verse 2]
We're all hunting for something,
Something we don't know what.
'Cause none of us are satisfied
With things we know we've got.
We all forget about moonlight
As soon as we've given our vow,
But we'd all be so happy
If we'd start and sing right now:

[Repeat Refrain]