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29-Dec-07 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Add: Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Add: Who Knows Where the Time Goes
- Please ignore the Guest until they have the courtesy to register (presumably even when they are taking the trouble to provide you with the chords for waht is in my humble opinion one of the greatest songs of all time).

The version I have of this seems to match the recorded version, and is slightly different to the version above. As desired by one of you, I will give the chord names as well as an indication of fingering:

In chord symbols I have the intro as as E F#m11/E repeated (which are the first two chords given in the original posting).

(E) Across the evening sky (F#m11/E) All the birds are (Emaj7 - the third chord fingered in the original posting) leav - (F#m11/E) ing
(E)But how can they know
(F#m11/E)It's time for them to (Emaj7)go? (A - open chord)
(F#m - bar on II) Before the winter fire (G#m bar on IV)
(Am - bar on 5th) I will still be dreaming (G#m)
(A - open Chord) I have no thought of (E)time

For (B - bar on 7th) who knows where the ( A - bar on 5th) time goes?
(E - open) Who knows where the (F#m - Bar on II) time (A - open) goes? (F#m)
The link is then the intro repeated.

In verse to the A after "Time for them to go" is a bar at the 5th with the top E left open, and the same in the verse 3.

Hope this is a help


Discourteous guest.