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Posted By: Jacob B
15-May-00 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Swallow Song (R Farina)-Los Bilbilicos
Subject: RE: Swallow Song
Two more versions of the lyrics:

La rosa enflorece
en el mez de May
Mi alma s'ecurece
Sufriendeo del amor

Los bilbilicos cantan
sospiran de amor
Y la pasio me mata
muchigua mi dolor

mas presto van palomba
mas presto van a mi
mas presto tu mi almo
quo me vo morir/corre y salva mi

La rosa enflorece
en el arvol de la flor
Mi alma se escurece
sufriendo del amor

los bilbilicos cantan
kon sospiros de aver
mi alma i ventura
estan en tu poder

Here's a clip from a message by Judith Cohen, about Judeo/Spanish versus Ladino:

In any case, "Ladino" itself is a problematic term. Technically, it refers only to the literal translation from Hebrew: the time-honoured example is "la noche la esta" from "ha-laila ha-zeh", used in the Haggadah, instead of the spoken "esta noche" (c.f. "the night the this"). Every community has its own designations for the spoken language: in Morocco it's haketia (really khaketia, with the initial guttural as in Khanuka ...) In the ex-Ottoman areas it was spaniol, or spaniol muestro ("our Spanish"), or djidio (literally, "Jewish", like Yiddish) or djudezmo (same idea). Only relatively recently has "ladino" come to be used for every variety of the language. Judeo-Spanish does cover it all.

And here is a link to the message that quote comes from. It talks about where to find a discography of commercially available Judeo-Spanish songs, and also has a discussion of the ethics of including one of those songs in your repertoire.