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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Jun-08 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Waltz across Texas Tonight(EmmylouHarris)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Waltz Across Texas Tonight (Emmylou)
Don, the Digital Tradition attributes the other song to Quanah Talmadge "Billy" Tubb, and says it was recorded by Ernest. Do you have any idea about the identity of 'Quanah Talmadge "Billy" Tubb' and what his relationship was to Ernest? I've been trying to learn the Earnest Tubb melody for years, and it just wouldn't stick with me; and I realized this morning that now I know it. I sang the whole thing to myself today. Maybe I can add it to my repertoire now (or maybe I'll forget the tune tomorrow....)
Quanah Talmadge "Billy" Tubb sounds like the name of an old-time corrupt Southern politician, doesn't it?


Here are the Digital Tradition lyrics:

(Quanah Talmadge "Billy" Tubb)

When we waltz together, my world's in disguise
A fairyland tale that's come true,
And when you look at me with those stars in your eyes,
I could waltz across Texas with you.

cho: I could waltz across Texas with you in my arms
Waltz across Texas with you;
Like a storybook ending I'm lost in your charms
I could waltz across Texas with you.

My troubles and heartaches are all up and gone
The moment you came into view;
And with your hand in mine I could dance on and on
I could waltz across Texas with you.

Before I met you, I never would dance
Never would dance it is true;
But now we're together I jump at the chance
To waltz across Texas with you.

Last verse by Debbie McClatchy

And now friends and neighbors I have this request
There's one thing I want you to do:
Just sing one more chorus of the song we love best
I Could Waltz Across Texas With You.

Recorded By Ernie Tubb. Also Debbie McClatchy
Copyright Ernest Tubb Music, Inc.
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