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Posted By: Colin Randall
19-Dec-08 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: Sandy Denny/Fotheringay 2 article
Subject: Sandy Denny/Fotheringay 2 article
I found the story behind the salvaging of Fotheringay's second album, on which work originally stopped 38 years ago, so fascinating that I persuaded my employers, a newspaper published in the Gulf, to run a feature on it.

When Mudcatters, among others, took part in a little competition at my site inspired by the album, I promised to let them know when the article appeared. It has now - and I have reproduced it at
Salut! Live.

There is a footnote giving the link to the newspaper's website. I am currently travelling and have had difficulty getting into that site, but you can bypass the above link if you wish and go straight to - assuming you have better luck or are more patient - and then navigate via Arts and/or the search facility to find it. It contains a good photo, from 1966, of Sandy at the Marquee Club in London.

One other thing. I have been unable so far to locate anything about the Sandy Denny memorial concert held at the QEH earlier this month. Was anyone there? How was it?