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Posted By: Jack Campin
25-Dec-08 - 07:50 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Yes My Darling Daughter
Subject: RE: Origins: Yes My Darling Daughter
I have heard almost the same tune used by the Csango Hungarians of Moldavia for a dance called "Pingvin". (Form a conga line; everybody kick a few times each side, stick their arse out and move forwards in three bunnyhops; repeat indefinitely). Not very far from western Ruthenia, as Allan S guessed. The tune doesn't sound very Hungarian to me.

K:B Minor
B3c d2B2|f3e dcB2|A4 f4 |B2B2 B4 :|
d2d2 d2f2|a3b agfe|d3f a3g|f2f2 fedc|
B3c dcB2|f3e dcB2|A4 f4 |B2B2 B4 :|