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Thread Name: BS: cowboy alphabet
Subject: RE: BS: cowboy alphabet
oops, hit send before posting list..

A       APPALOOSA, ANGUS, ARENA, Arbuckles, arroyo, aperejos, Apache
B       BUCKAROO, BISON, BUFFALO, BOOTS, BOOT HILL , bronco,          bronc,    Blaze, Bull,
          Blue Norther BUNK HOUSE, bit, BRIDLE,   BRAND, BUCKAROO, barbed wire,
          Burner, Beans, Butt knot, Butte, Bacon, Bob Wire, Bullet, Bunkhouse, Blue Heeler,
         Belly-roped, busting, buggy boss, blotted brand, Bannock,    Brule,
C       CATTLE, CINCH, CHAPS, CONCHO, CHUCK WAGON, CALF, colt, center-fire,
          Consarnnit, CALABOOSE, CHARDONNAY (viz. Dusty and Lefty), cricket, chincs,
          calaboose - n. {a corruption of Spanish calabozo }: prison, jail, cayouse, camp cookie,
          Cantle, Cuttin', California, Chisum, Chisholm, Coffee,       Coulee, Cuban Heel, Chinook,
          Comanche, Cherokee, Choctaw, Cayuse
D       DOGIE, DOG, DAPPLED, DUN, dally, dallying, dallyman,
         double-barreled, Dakota
F       FIRE, Fence, fence-stretcher, fork, Fox (tribe)
G       GUN, GREAT DIVIDE, Graybar Hotel, Gelding, gallows
H       HOOLIHAN, HORSE, HERD, HONKY-TONK, hornswoggling, hazer, hackamore,
         HOOSEGOW--{from Mexican Spanish jusgado }: jail, Hondo, Horn, Hoorahing, Henry,
         Hell's Half Acre, Header, Heeler, horn string, hemp fever, Haidan, Hunkpapa, Hopi
I       IRON, Idaho
J       JERKY, jug (jail), Jail, Johnson County, Judiths, John Grays   
K       KNOT, Kansas
L       LOOP, LONGHORN, Leather, Lincoln County, leg jockey, loco weed, lady fashion,
M       MAVERICK, MANE, MUSTANG, Mare, Montana, Mule Ears, mecarte, mangana,
          maleta, morral, mule skinner, Miniconju, Mandan
N       Noose, NECKERCHIEF, Nebraska, New Mexico, night-hawk, necktie social, nester,
          Navajo, Nez Perce,
O         Oldtimer, Oysters, Oklahoma, ocean wave, off herd, over-round, Omaha
P       PARTNER, PALOMINO, PRAIRIE, Paint, Pinto, Pony, pokey, poker, paper collar,
          Powder River, Palouse, pistol, piggin' string, pool round up, pants rats, Pawnee,
          Paiute, Pueblo
          Rowels, Ride, Red River, Resistol, revolver, rope corral, rigging rings, rim-fire
          ridin' the bag-line, road brand, running iron,
S       SADDLE, SPURS, SALOON, stirrup, Stocking, Slicker, sunfishing, steer, stallion,
          Stetson, snake wood, swing, slick fork, shot guns, stamp brand, steeple fork, sop,
          slip shooting, skinner, Shoshone, Sac,
T       TRAIL, TAPADERO, Tailor-mades, Texas, Tejas, ten gallon hat, tornado, twister,
          Tie man, tying fast, tree, Tlingit
U       Utah, Ute, Umatilla
V       VAQUERO, VARMINTS, Varmit , vittles
W       WAGON, WATER, WEATHER, WEST, Whiskey, Wyoming, Wind River, Windmill,
          Winchester, wrangler, wrangatong, woolies, wreck pan, wild west, windy, wish book
X       XIT (One of the most famous brands from Texas)
Y       Yahoo, YeHaw, Yodel, Yanqui, 'yellowbellied' = coward, yoke
Z       ZEBRA DUN , Zane Grey, Zuni