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Posted By: Genie
24-Oct-14 - 10:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: None But One (Jean Ritchie)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: None But One (Jean Ritchie)
Listening to Kat Eggleston sing the song (I don't have a recording of Jean singing it), I can understand the lyrics to the chorus parts.

Here are the lyrics (with chords as posted by Ely) transcribed from Kat Eggleston:

None But One (Jean Ritchie)

[Am] Across the plains there moves a sway,
It [G?] moves with human [Am] sound.
[Am] Some do walk and some do run,
Some [G?] crawl upon the [Am] ground.

And [G] some do stop to [Am] help the weak,
Some [G] trample on the [Am] others,
[G] Some do laugh and [Am] some do weep—
[G] All of them are [Am] brothers.

Some [Am] may run around the sounds,
[G?] Around and every[Am]where.
[Am] None but one can understand,
[G] None but one can [Am] hear.

I am [Am] mine and I thine,
[G?] father, mother, [Am] son,
I am [Am] me and I'm thee,
(And) [G] all of us are [Am] one.

I saw four trav'lers in a dream,
All in the wind and weather.
The chain they held in their hands
Had bound them all together,

And one was yellow, one was red
And older than the others,
And one was black and one was white
But all of them are brothers.

(Repeat chorus 2 or 3 times).