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11-Dec-14 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Windy Old Weather
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This ought to be here:

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Posted By: Ross Campbell
30-Sep-11 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: Fleetwood & Fishing: Songs of the Trawling Trade

Windy Old Weather

Then up gets the codfish with his great old head
He jumped on the foredeck to get a cast of lead.

        Windy old weather, stormy old weather,
        When the wind blows, we'll all pull together.

Then up gets the gurnard with spines on his back;
He jumped on the poop deck to work on the jib deck.

Then up gets the herring the king of the sea;
He says to the Skipper, "Look out to your lee!"

Then up jumps the sprat he's the smallest of all,
He says to the Skipper, "Haul, haul the men's trawl."

Then up jumped the coley, as black as the coal,
He says, come on Skipper, "Ice me down below."

Sung by Dick Gillingham. Not sure where he got this version, it's different from the one in the DT (coll MacColl) and from Bob Robert's (Hapsborough Banks) version.