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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Deep Shady Grove - Jean/Edna Ritchie
Subject: ADD: Deep Shady Grove - F. & E. Ritchie Banks
Mods, kindly correct the subject to match the authors, below.

"Deep Shady Grove" by Floyd & Edna Ritchie Banks
(As found in "Jean Ritchie Celebration of Life; Her Songs...Her Poems")

I walked out one May morning
    D                            A
To hear the birds sing sweet.
                                 E                A
I seated myself in a deep shady grove
    E                                 A
To hear those true lovers meet.

To hear those true lovers meet, sweetheart,
            D                               A
And to hear what they might say;
                               E                   A
I wanted to know a piece of their mind
    E                      A
Before they went away.

Don't you remember about three years ago
With your arms around my waist?
You could make me believe by the false that you swore
That the sun rose up in the west,
That the sun rose up in the west, sweetheart,
And turned away to the east;
And now I've returned and found you here
And found you on your knees.

Well I never will believe what another woman says,
Let her hair be yellow, dark or brown,
Unless she be on some high gallows tree
And sayin' that she wants to come down.
And a-sayin' that she wants to come down, sweetheart,
For no one would like to be hung;
For the words of a young girl is hard to believe
That has lied to everyone.