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07-Jun-17 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Who Were the Witches? (Bonnie Lockhart)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WITCH SONG
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01-Oct-09 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: halloween songs
Subject: Lyr Add: THE WITCH SONG

Re: Previous request for the lyrics to "Who Were The Witches"

The song is "The Witch Song". Here's a bit of info from the songbook "Here's to the Women" by Hilda Wenner and Elizabeth Freilicher (Syracuse Univ. Press)

" The Witch Song has been recorded by Kristin Lems and Nancy Schimmel [Malvina Reynolds' daughter]. Bonnie Lockhart is a Berkeley-area feminist and songwriter ...."


Chorus: Who were the witches? Where did they come from?
Maybe your great, great, great grandma was one.
Witches were wise, wise, women they say
And there's a little witch in every woman today.

Witches knew all about flowers and weeds
How to use all their roots
And their leaves and their seeds
When people grew weary from hard workin' days
They made 'em feel better in so many ways.

When women had babies the witches were there
To hold them and help them and give them care
Witches knew stories of how life began
Don't you wish you could be one?
Well, maybe you can.

Some people thought that the witches were bad
Some people were scared of the power they had.
But power to help and to heal and to care
Isn't something to fear
It's a pleasure to share.

Gee, sounds like this should be testimony at some of the health care reform hearings in the U.S.

Made me think of a time I was walking down my street, when a family was walking by. A little girl stopped, looked at me, pointed and declared "You're a witch!" Her mother was absolutely horrified and made the little girl apologize. I assured the mother that I had taken no offense and with all seriousness told the little girl, "It takes one to know one."