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Posted By: GUEST,matt milton
31-Aug-17 - 07:53 AM
Thread Name: Stephen Calt's biography of Skip James
Subject: RE: Stephen Calf's biography of Skip James
Whoops, noticed I called him Calt above, meant to say Calf obvs... other bizarre thing about the book I remember is that Calf is quick to call Skip James a liar and a fantasist (which he probably was) but at the same time is perfectly happy to accept all the nasty things Skip James says he has done completely at face value.

So Skip James is a liar, and a fantasist who likes to self-mythologise himself as a Big Bad Man. Except when he says he's murdered someone or hit someone or stolen something. Then he is a violent murdering criminal. Now he may well have been, but the fact that Skip James may simply be talking bollocks doesn't seem to have occurred to Calf, because Calf is determined to think the worst of everybody.