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Posted By: Liamtho
11-Mar-19 - 04:02 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Can anyone help with these two songs
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Can anyone help with these two songs
Helen, the songs are around 50 years old and heard on the radio. In the joke song the singer comes across three old men and asks each in turn their recipe for a long life. They each tell of their abstinence until the last one who says that he smokes and drinks and chases women. He is then asked how long he has lived and says 23 years to the day.

The other song had a country feel to it -

I was travelling through a time warp on the way to Venus and mars
And the verdant hills of earth were far behind
I was free and I was easy just an earth boy on the loose
When a vision of perfection blew my mind.

And materialised before my eyes a shape so divine
My heart beat like a kettle on a hob
I listened on with wonder as she told to me here name
It was Angeline De Colley Morhlipslob

Well I think that was the name and its about all I can remember