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Posted By: Richard Mellish
14-Jul-20 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Mudcat Worldwide Singaround on Zoom - Mondays
Joe said
> Feel free to post whatever you like here (especially lyrics to songs you have sung or will sing)

Here's the one that I sang last night, North Sea Oil

Down by the North Sea shore, a while before now,
While seeking me fortune and rambling around,
I met a little mermaid, very pretty as I recall
And I asked this fond creature where I might find oil.

"Well I know a little oil well not very far from here
And I've been watching over it with the tenderest care
And no-one's been near there since I was a child
And I think you'd find profit to drill there a while."

So I set up my rig and I made a fine stand,
And this sweet little creature gave me a helping hand,
Saying "Daddy, oh Daddy, it makes my blood boil
When you set up your rig to go boring for oil."

Well I kissed this little creature ten thousand times o'er
As we toiled there together all on the sea shore,
With a pillow under her fish-tail, for fear it should soil.
I spat on me auger and went boring for oil.

Well I hadn't been drilling three minutes or four.
At a few inches depth, boys, the gusher did pour.
And she wriggled and giggled, and she said with a smile
"Oh bear down on that auger, for I think you've struck oil."

But it was just a few days after, a thought came in me head,
For the end of that auger was rusty and red.
And I took it to the doctor, and he said with a smile
"I think you struck shale when boring for oil."

I got it from my own recording of Bert at Dingle's Folk Club in London on 4th April 1973.

I have deliberately not checked the above words against the recording, so feel free to spot any folk-processing that I may have done over the years.

In his introduction he refers to earlier versions, so maybe I was wrong in saying that this is one that was entirely his own work rather than his improved version of an existing song, but I suspect that in this form it is mostly his work.

Then again, maybe someone would like to go looking for the earlier versions.