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Posted By: Joe Offer
18-Oct-20 - 02:25 PM
Thread Name: ADD lyr/chord:How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite
Subject: ADD: How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite
Here's the recording by the Strawbs:

And here's Sandy Denny and the Strawbs:

Here's what I hear:

(Dave Cousins)

Half (have?) a bitter for the vicar, he's here to save your soul
He's looking fat and jovial though he's nearly on the dole
Anne Reilly cooks his dinner, she keeps him washed and fed
She doesn't need much prompting to jump into his bed

And they all think they're so grand
Yes they all think they're so grand
Yes they all think they're so grand
But they're not, oh no they're not.

Dr. Watson drinks large whiskeys, he's nearly always high
He supplements his income aborting on the sly
Mrs. Thompson is an angel in the W.V.S.
Her meals on wheels are very cheap and she cooks the books for less


Sammy Cohen is the bookie, sitting over there
Drinking three-star brandies, he doesn't seem to care
No one wants to know him, they say he's been inside
They say his dear old mother committed suicide


Dr. Watson charged Anne Reilly a 50 guinea fee
For Mr. Thompson's peace of mind as far as I can see
Mrs. Thompson envies Annie cooking for the preacher
And everyone thinks Sam is a quite disgusting creature
But if the truth was known it would shake all their foundations
It seems the preacher lives on Sam's anonymous donations


WVS=Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS)

Is it really "half a bitter for the vicar"? That's what I hear. Maybe "have a bitter" would make more sense.