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Posted By: Donuel
03-Jan-24 - 07:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Joke thread for 2024
Subject: RE: BS: Joke thread for 2024
A Pagan died on Christmas and went to Heaven. St. Peter met him at the gate. "You can't come in here," St. Peter said.

The Pagan asked why...

"You're Pagan ... I'm sorry", St. Peter replied. "But Hell isn't so bad. Your friends are there, and they say it's good."

"But "Yule is a solstice celebration observed by Pagans as the second sabbat of the Wheel of the Year, marked with rituals to welcome the return of the Sun and celebration of light before Jews and Christians made up Hannukah and Christmas !"

Peter said : "Forget it, we're in charge now"

The Pagan was depressed, but went anyway just because he was, well - Pagan...When he arrives in Hell, he sees a beautiful green field with amusement rides, and people picnicking and having a great time...A man in a white suit comes over to him and presents himself as Satan, and then tells him of all the delights to be had in what appears to be a 4-star slightly seedy resort...

"Woww!" thinks the Pagan, "Hell isn't so bad! I'm happy to be here."

Suddenly, the sky gets black ...and fire spews from the ground. A screaming, flaming man falls from the sky and is swallowed up by a crack in the earth...After he disappears, everything returns to how it was again...

"What in Hell was that?" the Pagan asks Satan...

Satan replies, "That was a Christian. They wouldn't have Hell any other way!