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Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Songs, poems, recitations, instrumentals, monologues, and readings from the Mudcat Worldwide Zoom singaround of 15/16 January 2024, in the order in which they were presented. Thanks to Moorley Man for the data, and to MaJoC for additional information. Corrections and comments always welcome.

Love Call Me Home
The January June (ttto The January Man)
Get Your Butt Over Here! (poem)
The Ballad of Long Gone Jones (recited)
Better Get Your Body Warmer On
We Have Got a Power Cut (ttto Mary Had A Baby)
The Rio Grande
The Green Willow Tree (aka Turkey Reveille, aka Turkish Revelry, aka The Sweet Trinity, aka The Golden Vanity, aka The Golden Willow Tree, aka The Weeping Willow Tree, aka Sinking in the Lonesome Sea, aka The Gallant Argosy, aka The Old Virginia Lowlands, aka Sir Walter Raleigh Sailing In The Lowlands (Shewing how the famous Ship called the Sweet Trinity was taken by a false Gally & how it was again restored by the craft of a little Sea-boy, who sunk the Gally))
Sowing on the Mountain
Skuld gammel venskab rejn forgo ("Should old friendship be purely forgotten?", sung in Danish ttto Auld Lang Syne)
La finforleta (sung in Occitan)
Hole in the Ground
Pretty Boy Floyd
Peace in the Valley
The Minstrel and the Bear
Here Comes the Sun
The Leaving of Liverpool
The Ball-Playing Song
Keep Your Hands on the Plow (aka Gospel Plow, aka Hold On, with Civil Rights verses)
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
Water from a Stone
Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Wind in the Wires
The Shores of Old Blighty
If We Only Have Love
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
The Cruel Mother (aka Greenwood Side-i-o, aka The Rose And The Lindsey O')
Miss Rowan Davies (piano instrumental)
Power and the Glory
Now Westlin Winds
Sand and Water
Frozen Tears (poem)
The Night Charlie Tended Weir (monologue)
Wish I Could Be Nice and Warm
The Drummer and The Cook
A Bottle o' the Best
How Do You Sleep at Night?
Lay Down Beside Me
A Change is Gonna Come
Thirty Years Ago (ttto Twenty Years Ago)
My Name is Morgan (but it Ain't J.P.) (aka Bill Morgan and His Girl)
In the Month of January
You Remember Me
Victor Rag (guitar instrumental)
We Have a Dream
Dem Deer
Hatikvah ("The Hope", in Hebrew)
Rosa Parks   
Come See the Boys Go 'Round
The Frozen Logger
At the End of a Pointed Gun (ttto Erev Shel Shoshanim)
Quotations from Martin Luther King (read)
Tor House of Robinson Jeffers (poem)
Lulu Walls
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (piano instrumental)
The Highwayman Outwitted (aka The Highwayman and the Farmer’s Daughter, aka The Farmer in Cheshire)
All the Answers
Eight More Miles to Louisville   
Early Snow   
If I Were Free
The January Woman (ttto The January Man)
Poverty Knock   
Never Turning Back   
Follow the Drinking Gourd   
Somewhere to Begin   
Lyke Wake Dirge
Love Call Me Home