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21-Feb-24 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Angola Bound - Angola Prisoners' Blues
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angola Bound - Angola Prisoners' Blues
I had no knowledge of this song until I received an email request to transcribe it,

The person who asked about that song quoted the first lyrics that Guest,Lorenzo shared from .

I responded to that request and thought that I would share my attempt at that transcription here. Additions and corrections are very welcome.

(Aaron Neville and other singers)

Oh so many mornings I got to wake up soon

Oh I got to eat my breakfast by the light of the moon

Mmmm, oh by the light of the moon
Oh, so many mornings by the ding dong ding
Mmmm, oh, I go to the mess hall, buddy. I get the same old thing
Mmmm Oh well the same old thing

Lord, the sun is shining but the clouds gone gray
Boss Charlie hollering comin 'bout my way
Mmmm, oh coming 'bout my way

Oh Captain Captain do not call my name
Well, I got a brother down in Georgia with a ball and chain
Mmmm   With a ball and chain

Oh Lord, I’m comin with the plow get gone
So many years without water it just rollin hard
Mmmm, Oh just rolling hard

Give my woman so many more dollars she broke an apron string
Christmas for last she never sent me a doggone thing
Mmmm Oh not a doggone thing

People on this little bitty mountain hollerin “Gee wah gee”
Mmmm. All these drivers down on these boulders tryin to kill poor me
Mmmmm Oh tryin to kill poor me

Molly and Sally lay sittin in the shade
Wonderin how many days I’ve made
Mmmm Oh how many days I’ve made

Oh, the jurors must have found me guilty while you wrote it down
Soon in the mornin you Angola bound
Mmmm Oh Angola bound

Go head mother don’t worry over me
Yes. Pray to the good Lord mother that your son goes free
Mmmm, Well your son go free

Oh well the other day when they gave me my time
Oh well I come to Angola and I hit that big long line
Mmmm I hit that big long line

Oh well the boat left Memphis with a hundred men
Yes. Oh when she got to Angola she didn’t have but ten
Mmmm she didn’t have but ten

Go ahead young man don’t follow me
You got one year son I got A.B.C.
Mmm, I got ABC

Oh I’m tryin to pardon, boy, last summer, what the governor did
Oh he denied one of the good lil’ kid
Mmmm One of the good lil’ kid

Sun going down, let’s pick em up,
Let’s go.

I agree with Lorenzo that "ABC" in this song probably means "Angola Bound Convict".

Angola Bound · Aaron Neville
Album: Bed Spring Blues
Released on: 2021-08-06