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Posted By: Reinhard
26-Apr-24 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: The Valley Folk - memories, details
Subject: RE: The Valley Folk - memories, details
I'm trying to transcribe The Valley Folk's The Two Brothers, but I don't understand a few phrases and probably have mis-heard others. Can somebody help? This is what I got so far:

The Valley Folk

There once was two brothers, two brothers there were,
And they was two brothers born.
The one was a shepherd, a shearer of sheep,
And the other a planter of corn.

God bid them sow fields and the treats for to plant
There is (...) from sturdy fine stock,
Where nothing once dwelt but the wild beasts of prey
Their fortune increased with their flock.

King David whose songs have so often been sung
At first wasn't noble and grand,
But only a shepherd boy when he was young
Though afterwards King of the land.

And then there's bold Samson in Judges you’ll find,
He delights in his darling so dear.
What a blockhead he was for to tell her his mind
For so quickly his strength she did shear.

Here’s April, here’s May, likewise June and July,
It’s a pleasure to see the corn grow.
In August we’ll moil it, shear low and reap high,
And we'll bind our (...) scythes for to mow.

And when we have gathered up every sheaf,
And scrapèd up every ear,
Let's have no more ado but to ploughing we'll go
To provide for the very next year.

So come all jolly ploughboys and help me to sing
I'll sing in the praise of the plough.
For if we don't labour how shall we get bread?
So do it my jolly boys now.