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Posted By: Donuel
02-May-24 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: MOAB's Daughter (of all BS) part 3
Subject: RE: MOAB's Daughter (of all BS) part 3
The firemen and police left a half hour ago. It all started by leaving the car interior lights on. I accidentally hit the switch when I opened the sunroof days ago. I have seen episodes of airplane disasters when the pilot hit the wrong switch. I didn't expect I would do the same.

This morning the door opened but it would not start, dead battery.
I could call AAA and get a jump but I thought if I waited when it was 90 degrees it might start this afternoon. So when I went out an hour ago the door would not even open. Aha a tow truck driver taught me how to unlock the door if disabled due to an attempted break-in or dead battery. There is a secret key slot at the rear of the car that opens the trunk and from there a hidden cable that can be pulled to open the door.

It all worked so now I could unlatch the hood. I was feeling pretty smart when I sat down. Muscle memory was closing the door when my brain said don't do that. Click. I was now locked in a small 90 degree car with no horn or phone. The windows were sealed but by lying down and kicking it I could jam a pair of scissors and umbrella in the crack to get an inch of air by bending the window outward. I was winded and hot from the kicking so I took of my shirt. Eventually my neighbor was unloading her kids when she heard my yell for help. She called the fire dept and I gave my info through the small window opening.

I heard the sirens when the first lady cop arrived. I explained how to find the secret cable to unlock the door while she held a window breaker. It worked and I explained to the firemen how she had opened the door and thanked them all. She wanted to know how I knew about the secret cable and I explained about the tow truck driver. I thanked the neighbor and went in the house. My wife was none the wiser wearing her noise cancelling headphones and in a meeting about ribosomic DNA.