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Posted By: Backwoodsman
12-May-24 - 03:04 AM
Thread Name: Eurovision 2024
Subject: RE: Eurovision 2024
And I have to echo what Rossey, Johnny J, and Steve Shaw say.

Barely audible vocals which prevented any understand of the song, a ‘performance over musicality’ ethos, including a lot of highly over-sexualised consumes and performances (Graham Norton mentioned on a number of occasions the ‘shortages of apparel’ - or some similar expression - in a number of performances), presentations dominated by flashing lights and over-loud backing-tracks. And the overt sexuality of some of the performances which, as Steve points out, hinted, in some instances, at sexual abuse.

Mrs Backwoodsperson and I commented several times that the raison d’etre of the contest - the songs - has been lost to the desire of its producers to provide ‘sensational TV’.

An international song-writing and performing contest is a great idea, that sadly has gone increasingly tits-up in recent years.