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Posted By: pattyClink
13-May-24 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: DECLUTTER *hoards *bad habits *toxic stuff - 2024
Subject: RE: DECLUTTER *hoards *bad habits *toxic stuff - 2024
Oh no, a skunk invasion and undone floor cleaning! Yikes what a day. Hope your guest has a great sense of humor.

I ventured out to drive by a couple of homes for sale yesterday. I was prepared for them to be weird. The first one was actually shockingly serene with great views, though burdened by a second dwelling that 'needs a lot of work'. But, a mile on gravel roads in and out every time you leave the house? Maybe if I already had a jeep, but not when my daily driver is a motorhome. Wish I had grown up in the country, it might seem more do-able.

The second one also had an enviable set of views and ready access to the Florida Mtns, the Tres Hermanas Mtns, and Mexico. I walked the fence line, discovering the property has a big concrete billboard advertising a hot springs 50 miles north of there; I'm guessing it's 70 years old. The reverse advertises a pet B&B with an arrow pointing to the property. Which has a series of dog pictures woven into the gate. Along with a hidden statue of a dog on a post. So, is the weird gutted nature of the house because it was used as a kennel, for heaven's sake??? Did the people who put in the nice Spanish door give up their renovation because the floors permanently stink?

But wait, there's more. HUGE piles of poo on the driveway and in a little grove of trampled tall reeds, almost like a standing nest. For wild burros? Roaming horses? There are barbed wire fences everywhere but this stuff is inside the house's fences. So if I moved in and spent months trying to get it livable, would I also be dealing with irate burros determined to keep their home in my yard? Have you ever heard these things hee-haw at your window at night? Talk about nightmares!

Just when you think the househunt has showed you every kind of weirdness imaginable, it gets weirder!