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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
13-May-24 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: DECLUTTER *hoards *bad habits *toxic stuff - 2024
Subject: RE: DECLUTTER *hoards *bad habits *toxic stuff - 2024
Poor Pepper - she was also skunked, but wasn't so obvious about it (was hit face and neck, not in the mouth like Cookie, about 10% of the hit by order of magnitude). This evening I've been spritzing her with the enzyme and checking back as it dries to see if she needs more. That answers part of the mystery of the moving skunk smell. Both of them had rabies and name tags on rolled leather collars that are now in the trash and will be replaced. I'll also drill new holes in flat nylon collars for the Invisible Fence devices (they wear those in the yard but are removed when we go for walks so they can cross the Invisible Fence boundary). And I have a couple of more beds to wash tomorrow, foam pad and all. The cover of one of the newest beds is out on the patio and still stinks to high heavens, even after a trip through the laundry and Odor Remover spray. I'll keep spraying it until the smell subsides. I'm sending a couple of sets of my clothes through the laundry after spraying them with the enzyme to knock out anything I picked up from the dogs. Before fixing dinner this evening I sprayed my hands front and back and let the enzyme dry, removing the smell there that kept surprising me if I touched my face, etc.

So far it has been an expensive week. Between picking up dog supplies all over town I picked up two 90-day prescriptions. Maybe Tuesday will be better.