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Posted By: Jim Dixon
15-May-24 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: I have lost my underwear & other underwear songs
Subject: Lyr Add: UNDERPANTS (Bob Cheevers)
From Spotify:

As recorded by Bob Cheevers on “Fifty Years” 2017.

VERSE 1: Well, maybe it was somethin’ in the water
From the town of my youth
That accounts for the weird little habit
Some folks called uncouth.
It started back in high school
And continues today.
My thing about undergarments
Got a little carried away.

CHORUS: Underpants, underpants,
I love my girlfriend’s underpants.
Underpants, underpants,
I just love my girlfriend’s underpants.
I dig through her dirty clothes ever’ time I get the chance,
Try ’em on, do a little dance.
Yeah, I love my girlfriend’s underpants.

VERSE 2: I was never really much into baseball;
Had other things on my mind:
Thinkin’ about my girlfriend
And what covered her behind.
I had this reputation.
It was hard to explain.
I was born with this condition
Called lingerie on the brain. CHORUS

BRIDGE: The first time she dropped her linen
In the hamper on the bathroom floor,
I just stood there a-grinnin’.
I had this feelin’ I’d never had before.

Brought on by … CHORUS.