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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
22-May-24 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Joke thread for 2024
Subject: RE: BS: Joke thread for 2024
Two wives went on a girlie night out. By the end of the evening they were both well oiled to say the least.

On the way home they were both busting for a wee. They sneaked into a graveyard and relieved themselves. But they had nowt to, er, wipe up with. One decided to use her knickers. The other looked around and spotted a wreath on a grave that had a bit of ribbon attached, so that's what she used.

Next morning one of the husbands rang the other and said, "Not sure the girls should be doing that again. My missus arrived home with no knickers on!"

The other bloke said, "you should worry, mate. My missus came home with a card stuck on her bum that said 'From everyone in the fire brigade. We'll never forget you."