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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
16-Apr-01 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: Origins: One I Love (Jean Ritchie)
Subject: RE: One i love/Third Carol
Thanks, Harggirl, for bringing this thread to my attention. Didn't know it existed...

"One, I Love," I recorded only on one album, a 1965 release (33 1/3 lp)for Warner Bros. Title: A Time For Singing- but it didn't stay around long; it probably cannot be found now. We have only a couple left, so can't let them go. Can get one onto tape for you for about $20 if you REALLY want it. It would be the entire album, no shipping charge, and this is strictly an offer- NOT a sales pitch so feel free to refuse! The way I play it is just a single descant, mainly on one string with an occasional strummed and/or running chord- my usual simple style.

It has been recorded more recently by many people, the ones who come to mind are, Carolyn Hester, Sally Rogers, Karen Casey and last year, Meav (of Riverdance fame).

Bengray- if you're still around- this happens to me all the time...I remember a long-ago workshop at the Mariposa Festival, I sang, "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," and someone came up afterward and complimented my taste in having sung a Norman Blake song! Pretty shocking at first, and funny too, but a big compliment in a way I guess. I thought, Gosh, my song has really arrived!