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Posted By: GeorgeH
09-Jul-01 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: Peggy Seeger on Desert Island Discs
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger on Desert Island Discs
Having missed the programme (but hoping to tape the repeat) . . I'd suggest Peggy's comment is partially true (it's harder to become a "folkie" if you only move into folk music after "completing" a formal musical education), partly a reaction to Ewan's intense pride in his being self- (rather than formally-) educated, and partly an illustration of her taking a narrower view of "folk" than is usual these days; i.e. her taking a very "tradition-centred" view.

Remember, in her youth, there was still a lot of collecting from "source" performers - in the US and parts of the UK . . . She wasn't a "folkie" in the way those performers were; as, arguably, no clasically-trained musician could be.