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Posted By: Gene
10-Apr-02 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Square Song (Homer & Jethro)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE SQUARE SONG (from Homer & Jethro)
Another 2-chord song by the Masters of Madness.

Recorded by: Homer & Jethro

[1] All my kids are tellin' me
Like, daddy you're a square
How come you don't dig rock & roll
And boys with stringy hair
They bring the strangest records home
They play 'em night and day
I've had a Lovin' Spoonful
Of this music that they play

[5] One group is called the Animals
And one is called the Goons
And upon my word one group I heard
Was called the Electric Prunes
[1] There's Beatles, Byrds, and Turtles
And I'd really like to know
Do they make records in the zoo
Or in the studio?

[1] Now I ain't runnin' music down
But friends, it seems to me
That it's about as run down
As it's ever gonna be
I wonder will it ever be
The way it was before
Will plain old people
Ever make a record anymore

[5] There's Rolling Stones and Critters
The Shadows and the Seeds
Detergents and the Brass Rings
The Spyders and the Weeds
[1] And now my kids are tellin' me
The Monkees are the rage
I wonder if the Monkees make
Their records in a cage

[5] Bridge turn around

[1] But now I've changed my attitude
At last, I've seen the light
I listen to this crazy music
Mornin', noon and night
I bought my dog a guitar
Bought my cat a drum and snare
Now if they'll learn to sing
I'll be a millionaire.